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Grey board paper factory house: coated white board paper the main technical requirements

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-04-06
Believe who is familiar with the history, should know that paper was invented by our ancient people, his name is CAI lun. In fact, the paper really is a complicated process, especially as people demand more and more high, technical requirements of various kinds of paper is also growing. Coated white board paper is one of the many paper. Now, we introduce by zhejiang grey board paper factory house, the main technical requirements of coated white board paper. Coated white board paper, the main technical requirements about the following three: first, has the good printing adaptability coated white board paper must have a white degree is high, feel is smooth, uniform surface clean, sheet, even thickness, good size stability, surface strength, ink absorbency, moderate luster after printing etc. 2, has a capacity of the performance of the coated white board paper after making box should have rigid, incision in the high speed cutting without a zigzag, separating and accurate, and bending don't burst, that is to say, cardboard has higher stiffness and folding degree. Three surface paste, the performance index is associated with the paint recipe, according to the different USES of the box and the box making technology to adjust the different. In fact, in addition to technical requirements higher coated white board paper, and a single composite board paper is relatively high, the technical requirements for because it is belongs to a single compound, rather than the ordinary white paper. Just our NEW BAMBOO PAPER offer single compound white board PAPER, if you have need, you can inquire.
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