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Gray paper to these above water specification requirement why so high?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-03-26
According to the characteristics of the grey board, product brand and the use of packaging requirements, testing requirements for quality higher now. A. Size size is only board * * indicators of quality standards. Sheet is quantity, the length and width of the roll paper only measured width, board size in mm. Cardboard allowed size deviation not more than + / - 3 mm. In addition to written specifications is important, because generally paper machine of paper has grain, grain direction is parallel and specifications of a size. For example: 787 * 1092 the grain direction is parallel with 1092, 889 * 1194 and 1194 is the grain direction of parallel. 2. Quantitative quantitative refers to the weight of each square meter area of the paper. Generally expressed in g / ㎡. Single grey paper, double gray paper and composite grey board of quantitative deviation is + 3% - up and down 5%. 600 g, for example, its quantitative standards should be between 570 g ~ 618 g, and more than this range is not qualified products. 3. Refers to the cardboard thickness thickness between the measured surface on both sides by a certain pressure ( When measuring the pressure of plus or minus 0. 1公斤) The thickness of the direct measurement. In mm or micro said. Single grey paper, double gray paper and composite grey board thickness per 100 g 0. 155mm~0. 16毫米。 In 600 g, for example, its thickness of standard in 0. 93mm~0. Between 96 mm. Four. Water water is refers to the cardboard inside the moisture content of the fiber. Use % said. , according to the single grey paper, double gray cardboard GB standard paper a molding board moisture 6% ~ 12%, compound double ash is 9% ~ 16%, compound grey, white board 9% ~ 16%, the composite gray board 9% ~ 16%.
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