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Gray paper need to be aware of what time in the printing process

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-03-26
Grey board is a kind of environmentally friendly packaging materials, is a kind of regeneration of waste paper production. Gray paper in printing process has the following points need to be aware of, such as offset printing paper feed part, dual card control offset press, and the regulation of paper teeth pad and embossing roller surface distance. Gray paper printing in the printing, will lose part of the paper suction nozzle and paper mouth blowing air volume should be large, for the suction nozzle of paper, paper suction nozzle need to replace the larger diameter or the larger the thickness of the rubber aprons. By dismantling the feed roller CAM shaft with coupling between pin or dismantle the roller on the swings, thus to achieve the purpose of roll don't swing, smooth paper feed. At the time of gray paper printing, double of offset press pieces of control or gap will increase, the side gauge and pressure gauge before the distance between the tongue and lose the cardboard paper to the corresponding some increase, paper teeth pad and embossing roller surface and lose the cardboard and paper teeth pad slightly with the increase of the distance between some, and keep a certain distance.
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