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Gray paper _ _ hebei gray paper gray paper manufacturers _ introduction to the performance of gray paper specifications

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-09-29
Now gray paper USES is very wide, used in the packaging market, a large part of the double grey board in the packing is very good, but the requirements of the product to achieve standard can play their role. In the first thing to consider when using the double grey board its USES, and strengthen the use of the product in some way. Gray paper should have a certain strength of layered, used to meet the needs of the process of binding process. Grey board according to use paper to loose and good plasticity, to ensure the hot stamping, binding characteristics of the pressure character. Grey board has good stiffness and strong mechanical, used to keep books, picture albums of practicability and durability. Gray paper with cardboard bao hou uniform and deformation features, to keep the standardization of the design of the cover. Gray paper itself is not allowed to use a variety of plant starch and adhesive etc, so as not to cause mould, etc.
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