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by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-01
Grey board has a very wide range of USES, played a large part of the space in the packaging market, there are also many grey board paper factory house so summon up. Grey board is good, but also to product is qualified to play their effects. The specifications of the grey board is a must request, take into account when making its use, strengthen the functions of a certain aspect. It should have the following requirements on function: gray paper 1, must have paper loose, and excellent plasticity, to ensure that the applicable binding pressure, hot stamping features; 2, to have the function of the cardboard thickness uniformity and deformation, to ensure the standardization of the cover design; 3, to have and good mechanical strength and stiffness of the outstanding to insist on the practicality and durability of binding books, brochures, 4, to have surely stratified intensity, in order to custom binding process process requirements; 5, cardboard itself is not allowed to use plant starch adhesive bonding, in case of starch mold reproduction. This is the function of the grey board, at the time of manufacture must ensure that its function, to make it popular!
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