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by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-01
Now, more and more factories, the production of products are numerous, but in the process of production is always much more special production waste left, most manufacturers choose discard, this is definitely not respect of environmental protection, and so many can continue to use the resources wasted, and the rest of the waste a lot of manufacturers for composite gray paper is can use of raw materials, can produce a lot of new products - - - - - - - Grey board. In paper packaging packaging market, there is always a waste of paper resources, and the new product is in the waste paper recycling to make into new products, such as composite board, this kind of packing to further enhance the quality of the packing and quality, make the body more sturdy and durable, is not easy to deformation, which can achieve better protection of packaged products; And filter board, can be applied to the gas mask, or is used in car filter filter board, such as oil filter, air filter, air filter, etc. ; Moreover is applied in the adornment of the printing industry, such as the cover hardcover books when use; Make the building board, can play a role of heat insulation, sound insulation of the building; Another application in the electric appliance, it can be made of electrical insulating cardboard used for insulation. Although gray paper is made of waste, but its application range is very wide, it also realizes the recycling the resources reasonably, simply is the so-called, waste will be something that others don't bring them here to become more and more people want, to scrap a new heaven and earth.
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