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Gray paper, food packaging cardboard, apparel packaging cardboard _ all gray cardboard and the comparison between other hard cardboard

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-01
All gray board is a kind of high intensity board, first is after ultra-high pressure machine, add the board laminating and tightness, add the density, hardness and random expanding. Super and stiffness of the whole gray paper, not easy buckling deformation, for the whole gray paper after ultra-high pressure, the material and the production cost will also corresponding improvement, quantitative and thickness will produce must change, suitable for advanced packing box, painting materials, puzzles, samples, hardcover cover, etc. All gray cardboard and double difference of gray paper appearance, first is the inner core, able to difference, after cutting plane double gray cardboard section center part is yellow, have off color, and the cut surface of the whole gray paper color is common inside and outside. Because all of the material is of imported waste paper, paper fiber is longer, after manufacture paper with pulp, its tensile strength and tear strength significantly increased, the product is both patience and have very good hardness. All gray paper compared with other hard cardboard with light weight, environmental protection, economic convenience cutting, compared with general board, its relative intensity is much higher, because this product is long, thin paper fiber, it has high hardness, and have good folding resistance, use it to make products, beautiful and easy, affordable.
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