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by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-09-30
Now life is inseparable from the paper and paper products, everywhere can see paper products, such as books, paper box, packing boxes, all kinds of food outer packing boxes, mobile phone boxes, etc. Now, as long as you looked up at a glance around can see paper items, our lives have been inseparable from the paper items. Buy things on the Internet, the delivery person sent by express most of them are packed in cardboard boxes, cartons can effectively avoid the damage of the internal objects, can well protect the integrity of the goods, these cartons have a lot of raw materials, raw materials determines the product of the carton carton, carton and determines the quality of the cardboard box packaging quality of the item, so how to guarantee the quality of the cartons? As long as in the production of the cartons after strict monitoring of cardboard for production according to production process standards, for the most part can reduce the cartons of incomplete. To ensure the quality of our products. Baoding cardboard composite factory long-term supply all kinds of gray paper, cardboard, paper and double ash color cardboard, etc. , we have been engaged in paper industry for 15 years, has a strict production process and standards into the production process, welcome interested customers to our company for business negotiation.
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