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Gray paper, double gray paper, double gray cardboard _ of gray paper optical properties and physical properties Industry dynamic - The city urban area industrial cardboard composite

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-02
In general, double gray cardboard optical performance index is more important for the printing paper and tracing, transparency can be represented with the degree of light through a paper, is also to sample can see clear ink line on the number of layers. And opacity is based on a single sample in the full absorption of black pad on the ability of reflection, said with fully opaque a number of sample reflection ability expressed as a percentage. And baidu is white, or close to white paper surface emissivity of blu-ray, use relative to the standard of magnesium oxide board reflectivity percentage said. In addition, gray paper physical performance indicators are based on quantitative, thickness, density, porosity and porosity, the expansion rate and strength. The gelatine printing paper on expansion rate is higher, not only that the strength indexes of wrapping paper is particularly important, such as elongation, burst, stiffness, folding degrees and tear is the inspection standard.
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