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Good quality all gray paper have a good market

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-12-09
All gray cardboard and we often referred to as the paper is different, generally called the 200 g / ㎡ paper paper, called the more than 200 g / ㎡ paper board, and the gray paper because belong to environmentally friendly packaging materials, the price is relatively cheap, so its use is widespread, the grey cardboard boxes, are commonly used to do the derivative product also involves advertising board and so on. Made all kinds of bags to receive all gray cardboard boxes, hardcover sample books, boxes inside and outside are commonly pasting printing so do not affect beautiful, still can do liner or handbags, clothing tag, all gray paper because of the high hardness can do partition, etc. Make the cardboard factory because of the great packaging market demand for all kinds of cardboard is very high, no cannot repeat use cardboard cartons, cardboard has good market. So the all gray paper manufacturer when making cardboard processing production, pay attention to is the size of raw powder glue, glue, glue a quantity to whether uniform are in good condition and so on, if found any situation should be handled immediately. In the process, we need to pay attention to adjust the brake slack and speed the speed of change, to maintain its tension constant. In addition, we also should pay attention to adjust the pressure between the roller body, in order to ensure the quality of the whole gray paper.
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