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Glossary of Paperboard


The paper board industry uses a lot of jargon that can be hard for those who are not specialists in the field to understand. This short glossary has definitions of important or frequently encountered terms in the industry.

1.Unlined Chipboards/Grey Boards

These paperboard sheets are made solely from recycled fibre. Consequently, they are eco-friendly and low-cost packaging options for industries. Grey Boards have a far less folding capacity/flexibility than other sheets. They don’t offer a fine-grained look as compared to those made from virgin pulp. They are therefore used in packaging materials that don’t require a lot of folding.

2.Paper Lined Boards

These grades are also made from recycled paper products but with a little touch of fresh fibre. The addition of fresh pulp improves its folding ability. During their production, a white face liner is added on any side of the layers to give them a better look. They are widely used in packaging retail goods such as shoes and electronic appliances.

3.White Lined Chipboards

These are made from a blend of several plies of chemically bleached pulp. The raw material is usually obtained from recycled paper, particularly newsprint. Bleaching is usually done to whiten the recycled fibres. However, they still don a grey colour within the layers owing to their origin. So the outer layer is coated to improve its looks. This grade is commonly used in the packaging of shoes, toys, chilled or frozen food, and cereals.

4.Brown Lined Boards

These boards are made from waste/recovered paper. They are a low-cost solution for packaging boxes or containers. Due to their less superior quality and low profile looks, they are seldom used for packaging foodstuff. In retail, the store already packaged goods for easier transportation. The outer brown finish is achieved by dying. Sizing agents can also be added to improve their wet strength.

5.Polythene Polyester/Silicon Lined Paperboards

These are multi-layered boards made from recovered paperboards. They are laminated with a thin film of polythene, polyester, or silicon. The coating provides them with extra folding strength, great printing ability, and excellent wet strength.

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