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FSC whiteboard paper printing off the dust in the process of how to solve

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-30
FSC coated white board paper, with the development of the society and the improvement of people's living standard, color printing press development faster and faster, more and more strict commodity packaging, bright colors, for clean, cannot have any blemishes, plus the FSC coated white cardboard market competition is intense, the whole market in the production of coated paper board face great challenge. Due to customer requirements for product consistency of printing and the time of delivery deadline requirements, as well as the particularity of paper specifications, in the case of unable to temporarily switch to other paper, can through the following method to remedy. 1. Adjustable printing process 2. In printing press forward and unconstrained style, make loose stripping paper before printing, lower viscosity of printing ink in the process of touch. 3. In the process of printing, the printing speed faster, paper and rubber cloth strip tension, the greater the when the pull is greater than the paper surface strength, there will be dropping off powder, hair, even in this case can be appropriately reduce the printing speed, can obviously improve the phenomenon of dropping off powder, in addition, the printing speed is reduced, decrease printing number in the same time, is beneficial to the discovery of nonconforming product and processing, can reduce the printing cost. 4. The environment of workshop, to ensure that the moderate temperature and humidity, to maintain good printing workshop environment, try to build a dust-free workshop. Summary, FSC whiteboard paper powder 'dropping out' phenomenon is the root cause of paper between the fibers or the cohesive strength between fiber and filler is poorer, the pressure between the printing roller, rubber adhesion force and adhesion of printing ink, under the joint action of paper surface combined with weaker fines and filler from stripping down on paper, with the printing ink adhesion, lead to paste version, printing is not clear.
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