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FSC whiteboard paper - One of the packages gift boxes of raw materials

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-09
FSC whiteboard paper - Package gift boxes one of the raw materials of the FSC/FSC Manila board, paper board mainly belongs to the category of the cardboard packaging industry, and it is on the original board coated white coating, being processed made of cardboard. FSC whiteboard paper production technical requirements 1. High strength is the basic properties of the main packaging materials should possess. 2. FSC whiteboard paper has a good processing performance. 3. Grey, white has good printing adaptability, suitable for offset printing, gravure printing a variety of ways. 4. Light weight, with the appropriate buffer. Whiteboard paper holdings of these characteristics, to protect the contents and improve the transportation performance is very good. At present, Dongguan paper co. , LTD. ) Is one of the manufacturers of dongguan has a white board paper FSC certification, paper processing factory is a production and sales integration, marketing network covers the whole pearl river delta region for the center with shenzhen, dongguan, is currently one of the most competitive paper company in dongguan area.
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