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FSC whiteboard paper box and printing on the production of finished products?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-30
FSC grey board paper forest management certification and traceability
the FSC grey board gork repeat, forming 250 g - at a time 1600 g, stiffness of the cardboard is strong, uniform and smooth surface, high flatness, stable, accurate thickness and specifications, thickness: can provide by 0. 4 - 3. The difference between 0 mm thickness. Size: inventory stock gb size is magnanimous, positive and special specifications of the cardboard the minimum order quantity: whole minimum according to customer needs to provide large size of FSC gray paper 1000 * 2000 mm. Product use: high-grade gift boxes, hardcover, cosmetics box, CD box, tea box, packing box, paper plates, paper plates, stationery, stamps, puzzles, moon cake box, etc.

the FSC whiteboard paper box and printing on the production of finished products? FSC flipchart paper box and printing quality requirements. Box making demands mainly on board with the proper hardness, especially want to have a certain degree of folding, make cartons made of strong texture, at the setback line pressing rolling box is not easy to fracture and break, the average tension should not be less than 180 k g/CML. The average degree of folding is not less than 20 times. In printing, mainly for paper is white, clean, smooth, white board paper degrees in more than 80. Application flat board, thickness, texture closely, scalability, generally to adapt to 5, 7 color overprint.
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