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FSC white tissue paper and white glossy paper difference in where?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-27
FSC white tissue paper and white glossy paper difference in where? One for quantitative: white tissue paper usually distinguish between 14 and 17 g g, glossy paper, however, generally 24 g, 31 g, 35 g, 45 g above different gram weight, such as gram weight, the thickness of the glossy paper is thicker than a thin sheet of paper; 2. Pull: soft tissue paper is compared commonly, stencil tension has no oil is good, but the tissue paper fiber longer than glossy paper, customers in the choice between the two, depends on the needs of packaging products; Three features: the glossy paper surface smooth, translucent, very fine sand, no bubble, has the good comfortable sex, after calender processing on paper machine of paper with light junction and luster like playing on a layer of wax on the surface of the paper; And the surface of the tissue paper relatively glossy paper, is relatively coarse, 14 grams of tissue paper for the single side is smooth, 17 grams of tissue paper double-sided same quality. White glossy paper production on the surface of the wax coating base paper, and then repeatedly with flint friction produce gloss and made of paper, high gloss, good appearance performance ( No holes, no stains, no dust) , have higher tensile strength and tear strength. Use full wood pulp and paper production with part of the straw, glossy paper also distinguish bleaching and the white two kinds, according to the requirements of the product can be dyed a different color. Color glossy paper also calls the color oil wax paper, is a kind of translucent paper, also some cellophane; Mainly used for paper folding, paper cutting, packaging, art production, color white, grey, black, purple, coffee, purplish blue, blue, shallow blue, green, light green, yellow, orange, red, mei red.
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