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FSC white copy paper and what is the difference between FSC tissue paper!

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-27
FSC copy paper main characteristic for great toughness, pulp evenly, transparent, lightweight, smooth, printing performance is good, the FSC copy paper is very widely used, can be used for packing fruit; Clothing, shoes, leather goods, hardware and other products, all kinds of packing also use copy paper; Such as: porcelain, wine, handicrafts packaging FSC is need for copy paper. FSC copy paper production is designed for art, calligraphy and painting, figure and copying, imitation, reproduction, because there is no photography, more before the copier, so we use paint for granted. Use copy paper auxiliary painting before painting, it is covered with copy paper on paper, there is a kind of practice is similar to the practice of copying, blackening in pencil, one side of your copy paper made copy paper, also the copy paper with black side cover on the paper. FSC and FSC tissue paper copy paper: the difference between the FSC tissue paper manufacturing, as there is no standard for transparency and sizing degree, more and more not adapt to the demand for paper printing industry, the real FSC copy paper won't be replaced by tissue paper. Both the papermaking process is roughly same, difference lies in the different criteria of papermaking. FSC copy paper is a kind of paper so it is difficult to produce the advanced cultural industry, the major technical characteristics are: has high physical strength, good evenness and transparency, and good surface properties, fine sand, level off, smooth, no bubbles, good pleasant to print. Good transparency in 17 g/m2 of copy paper, for example, often can achieve 6 - cover 8 layer, extremely good 12 layer can see the existence of transparency. FSC tissue paper widely used, including toilet paper, tissue paper, mail a letter paper, thin page cap paper, waxed paper, paper, paper yarn paper, figure paper base paper, invoice of the tissue paper and crepe paper and so on. Easy to everyone's life, is indispensable to modern development. Paper, need to first understand the parameters of the copy paper and tissue paper features, so as not to cause the misconceptions in use. Eventually both FSC page copy paper or FSC thin, they have a common feature is thin and breathable! So dongguan paper remind everybody, the choose and buy the paper, the paper on the single from the exterior, it is difficult to determine the difference of them, can according to the purpose, we are professional manufacturer for consultation, we would be happy to solve for you.
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