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FSC tissue paper used in various industries

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-25
FSC tissue paper is a high requirement of strength and whiteness of the paper. FSC copy paper mainly applies to clothing, toys, shoe factories and food factory, etc all kinds of packaging, hot bags, barrier, it has the effect of moisture permeability. Also can be used for printing for packing paper. Product specifications for the 14 - 17 gm2, drum and zhang ping. And the role of the common copy paper are as follows: a, vegetables, fruit packing: this function is more common in the north, in the north, copy paper is one of the fruits and vegetables packaging is very important in the materials, the first is used to package snow pear, called 'snow pear paper' on the market a so, too. 2, metal packaging: in the industrial developed city, hardware package is little not copy paper, its have the effect of moisture barrier. Three, clothing, footwear, toys and other consumer goods packaging. This purpose is very common, we buy clothes, shoes, and often there will be a very thin, or a pattern or plain white paper packaging, paper copy of this paper is more, a lot of brands with FSC tissue paper is printed on your logo as a propaganda. Packing: five, handicraft is also common in arts and crafts of packaging with FSC tissue paper material, has moisture-proof, breathable, protection, finalize the design the effect of porcelain, wine FSC tissue paper in addition to its own white or color color, mostly used to design or special color printing, such as silver, gold, printed effect is very popular among the masses.
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