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FSC tissue paper used for printing which aspects should pay attention to

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-28
On paper, focus on more paper to change the market price of the raw materials. Company's main products: black cardboard, tissue paper, White tissue paper, colored tissue paper, printed tissue paper, FSC thin sheet of paper) , grey board, etc. , we will continue to push for you more information and price trend of the paper. FSC tissue gram weight low, paper thin, paper strength and toughness is not enough, easy deformation become warped edge, these features make the tissue paper in the process of printing paper particularly likely to cause a failure, under the condition of high speed, easy for paper Angle gauge before impact or paper teeth and cause ghosting, pleating printing failure, etc. In the production of the specific operation, characteristics and the characteristics of the modern printing machine should be combined with tissue paper, good preparation before printing, to set correctly, adjust the printing press, to get the most out of tissue paper printing eligibility. FSC tissue paper printing, printing speed slightly faster is better, this paper receiver system and feed system will be more smooth. But the printing speed is too high, thin easy contact with the gauge before quickly and produce deformation. Again, in mastering the FSC tissue paper printing, on the basis of influence factors, targeted to reasonably control of paper, lest appear curly when paper, bay, wait for a phenomenon, affecting progress and quality of printing, cutting and processing.
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