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FSC tissue paper production how to improve the softness of it

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-24
FSC tissue paper manufacturer to tell you, change the FSC tissue paper softness has four kinds: 1. Chemical 2 wrinkling agent and wrinkling. Add softener 3 in the OARS. Applying softener 4 paper hanging paddle. The production of paper processing with lotion normal tissue paper in the production of paper machine used to strengthen the flexibility, the basic method of the control is about corrugate, we machine factors as an important factor of tissue paper, and generally as a thin sheet of paper production characteristic factors, however, many chemical mill seems to think that wrinkling agent is a bit outdated, but the wrinkling agent chemical, adding rate and coating stripping agent ratio will be significantly affect the wrinkling, thus can also affect the paper surface softness and loose soft thick. Strengthen the surface of the tissue paper softness and thick softness of four methods, through the right to choose coated with paint and stripping agent control, this is the most basic, also is one of the most important ways, intracytoplasmic softener or paper softener appropriate to choose, is used in paper-making factory improve tissue paper softness tools of beneficial complement, in the process of paper processing, use lotion can significantly improve the value of tissue paper products, improve the soft tissue paper sexual selection, depends in part on the customer's demand and production factors.
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