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FSC tissue paper is mainly used in what industry

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-26
FSC paper mainly are widely used in thin paper, envelope paper, waxed paper, twine, patterned paper, invoice book paper, crepe paper, etc. Can facilitate everyone's life, it is one of the indispensable thing in modern development. Over the years, the page has been an important part of the paper industry. At present, through new technologies that could satisfy the requirement of product quality, the paper production capacity growing has become a reality. Many of the development of laminar plasma box pages in the production of a fiber and at the same time using different secondary fiber provides opportunity, so as to achieve the purpose of the final production. This product is multifunctional. In the laminar box, usually two ingredients or three layers of fiber combination into a layer of paper. FSC tissue paper is mainly used for fruit packing: tissue paper is one of the most important paper in northern fruit packaging materials, began to snow pear is mainly used for packaging, so named snow pear paper, copy paper, on the other: clothing, footwear, leather goods, hardware packaging market in southern China, FSC tissue paper is mainly used in clothing, footwear, leather products such as packaging, etc. , and also used in China, wine, handicrafts packaging: with moisture, breathable, the action of protection, finalize the design. FSC tissue paper can be used for printing: FSC tissue paper has good printing effect, can be monochrome, two-color, four-color printing, corporate Logo, trademark, can be dyed all sorts of color, red, blue, gold, silver etc.
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