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FSC tissue paper in papermaking industry with what kind of position

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-23
Widely used tissue paper, toilet paper, tissue paper, mail a letter paper, paper, paper yarn paper thin pp cap paper, wax paper, figure paper base paper, invoice of the tissue paper and crepe paper and so on. Can facilitate people's lives, it is indispensable to modern development. For many years book pages are an important component part of the paper industry. Today, the book page for the steady growth of production capacity, is a new technology by can meet the quality of products and become a reality. More the development of the laminar plasma box, as the book pages in production at the same time using different native fiber and secondary fiber provides the opportunity to make the final product has the versatility. In large laminar plasma cases, generally by two kinds of ingredients or combination of three layers of fiber to form a single layer of paper. In addition to using large laminar plasma cases, dilute concentration distribution technology can reduce the quantitative change pages. This technique can be easily to modify existing paper machine after use. Especially for large laminar plasma cases, using the dilute concentration distribution technology, quantitative distribution can change from 2. 0 ~ 2. Reduced from 5% to 1%. Quantitative fluctuations, reduce page copy out the uniform sheet.
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