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FSC tissue paper for printing need to master some skills in the process

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-25
Usually printing plant in the use of FSC tissue paper ( 17 - Below 40 grams) In printing, due to lack of some experience and some avoidable problems, in this paper the FSC printing tissue paper used for printing has accumulated certain experience, friends and customers. 1. FSC tissue paper raw material store 1 - best To use 2 months so that uniform can make the moisture content of tissue paper, avoid printing crinkle. 2. FSC tissue paper on paper before the computer, so can reduce the wrinkle paper printing process, two overlapping, skew, broken, and guarantee the smooth printing paper. 3. FSC in the printing process of thin sheet of paper, paper total wrinkling at a specific location, this kind of situation is caused due to improper equipment adjustment, such as uneven printing roller pressure, feed is not stable, tissue paper production arch become warped, etc. , the paper a drag a side, then you can put the impression cylinder's side teeth to relax, such making that tissue paper stretched in the side of the embossing.
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