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FSC tissue paper detection research of main factors influencing water imbibition

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-24
FSC tissue paper is quantitative in 17 g - 22 g/m2 of the following kind of paper referred, anti-wrinkle FSC method of tissue paper is used on dryer jahnke steam quality, and the thin and soft, available in any size ( Including waste paper pulp), In paper machine pressure to complete the picture of paper drying, and join in the process of wrinkle on manufacture paper with pulp papermaking fibre. FSC tissue paper widely used, including toilet paper, the wrinkling of the FSC tissue and biodegradable promote combination, at the same time adding adhesive force to help page wrapping paper, mail a letter paper, the FCC thin cap paper, glossy paper base paper, etc. Long-term agent added dryer jahnke adhesive force, improve the paper strength. Since many papermaking chemical enterprise with wrinkling agent and wrinkling to achieve thin one. 2 technical difficulties, wrinkle the effect of the page, but the method has been unable to keep up with the development of The Times the use of corrugate promote combination for tissue paper wrinkle, need points, and then we study a new method of FSC tissue paper wrinkle. Analysis of all kinds of corrugate promote composite material characteristics and the matching problem, so the bottom wrinkles wrinkle process preparation thin sheet of paper, how to reasonably dosing corrugate promote combination is corrugate percentage changes, sheet molding in long online first, in the long online to remove to dispersion fiber to improve the performance of the product key.
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