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FSC the difference between the gray cardboard and FSC double gray cardboard in where?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-06
FSC the difference between the gray cardboard and FSC double gray cardboard in where? FSC all gray paper with FSC double gray cardboard or called gray paper, both the difference is that the FSC all gray paper by surface paper into the paper core is the same color, and the surface of the glossy paper and double gray cardboard difference is not big, the biggest difference between on the strength of the paper and cardboard. FSC for grey, grey paper board face paper and paper core color dark gray, it is also a strength than the grey cardboard, the hardness of the FSC gray paper mainly lies in the waste paper and blade, and to create a good stiffness of the grey board. FSC grey board is widely used in all do export high-grade wallet, folders, puzzle, paper hangers, etc. , and FSC grey board is mainly used in domestic moon cake box, box, gift boxes, etc. So from the point of raw material, the FSC whole gray paper pulp raw material more than the FSC double ash, fiber length, so the all grey paper harder, higher stiffness. 。 。
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