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FSC printed tissue paper is widely used in which aspects?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-29
FSC printed tissue paper is widely used in which aspects? FSC printing tissue paper mainly printing: drum gravure printing, flexo printing master can scope: printing monochrome, two-color, three color, four-color, five-color, six color, wide largest printing to 120 cm, unlimited length, production according to customer requirements, white LOGO, design, trademark printing and color printing and dyeing and printing design, LOGO, all sorts of color. Printing material: 17 grams, 30 grams of copy paper, copy paper 17 g - 40 grams of tissue paper, 17 grams of tissue paper, 17 grams snow pear paper, 24 grams of tissue paper, 24 - 40 grams of glossy paper, food wrapping paper, 80 grams of offset paper, light coated paper, 30-50 g White kraft paper, 40-50 g 80 grams of unbleached kraft paper, etc. Usage: mainly applicable to brand shoes, clothing, handbags, leather goods, cosmetics, gifts, food, toys, bags, hardware, electronics, lighting, red wine, wig, such as color box lined with packaging, effectively improve the product grade and taste, improve enterprise brand image, improve consumer awareness of your brand. FSC - COC chain of custody certification, is a kind of using market mechanisms to promote sustainable forest management to realize the objective of ecological, social, and economic tool.
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