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FSC paper environmental protection concept

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-29
The meaning of the concept of green wrapping paper have two aspects: one is to protect the environment, another is to save resources. The two complement each other and inseparable. The protection of the environment is the core, saving resources and protecting the environment and closely related, because saving can reduce the waste of resources, also is actually from the source to the environment protection. Green wrapping paper is developed in the mode of traditional packaging design of the new idea, it is harmless to ecological environment and human health, can repeat use regeneration and conform to the packaging of sustainable development, is a necessary choice to solve the serious environmental pollution, in recent years, the packaging industry development, people increasingly pay attention to the packing in the role of marketing on the tall comes.
the FSC board certification
the new standard of FSC certification board products has been recognized by market and parties, product certification board has become some environmentally sensitive market access conditions. With FSC/coc certification product enterprise, is regarded as the pursuit of green environmental protection business concept, with the social responsibility of enterprises force. At present, the FSC cardboard is attracting more and more enterprises. 。 FSC board must be more than 70% as a percentage of the weight or materials; To 30% by weight of raw material is certified, the total weight of the fibers and wood used at least 17. 5% after the FSC certification. FSC board certification, what is the FSC certification, whiteboard paper how certified by FSC paper board, how certified by FSC paper, FSC certification standards, copy paper for paper.
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