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FSC paper and the classification of the FSC cardboard

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-26
FSC paper and the classification of the FSC cardboard paper and cardboard are usually classified according to utility. Paper can be roughly divided into: industrial paper, culture paper, packing paper and paper four categories of life. Cardboard in general can be divided into packing paper, industrial paper, wall board as well as printing and decoration board four categories. Specifications and sizes can be according to the need of cardboard drum and tablet production, to meet the different needs of customers, have tablet inventory stock specifications: 787 * 1092 mm, 889 * 1194 mm, paper roll width size: 1194 mm, 1092 mm, 787 mm and 889 mm drum cardboard heaviest weigh no more than a ton, conventional g drum gram weight is 250 - 650 grams, flat paper weight per piece - As no more than 250 kg of paper and board properties generally has the following several aspects: 1. Appearance quality. 2. Physical properties; 3. Absorption performance; 4. Optical performance; 5. Surface performance;
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