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FSC packaging cardboard is central in the papermaking industry play a what kind of position

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-09
Throughout the FSC packaging cardboard of drama in the papermaking industry how to position the FSC paper products in the cost of production, main raw material for paper accounts for the proportion of the total cost is more than half, volatile prices of waste paper has extremely important influence on paper industry profits. Since 2008, vigorously develop the domestic economic cycle, the waste paper recovery rate increased year by year in our country, with the increase of waste paper scrap and domestic waste paper content rate is also rising, but still cannot solve the demand of domestic waste, and import the price fluctuation in the waste to the entire cardboard packaging industry profits by the great influence also. At present domestic scale grade packaging paper company, mostly with waste paper as the main raw materials. Due to domestic waste paper recycling outlets, recycling price is too high, and less waste paper can produce economic benefits is not obvious reasons, such as its self-sufficiency rate of papermaking fibrous materials increase slowly, the contradiction between supply and demand more serious. Import pulp ( As in the production of imported wood pulp and waste paper waste paper pulp), Pulp total consumption remains close to 50%, pulp and paper industry raw materials of foreign still save a high degree. And for international trade of waste paper by climate, environmental protection and local waste collection and so on many factors, so the current domestic grey board continued high prices.
Collectively, the effect of paper board suppliers on industrial society has been to eliminate paper board manufacturers and drastically reduce the time long associated with paper board manufacturers.
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