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FSC need pay attention to what aspects when black paper used for printing?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-23
FSC black card paper is pure black, mainly applied to some special craft processing, such as UV bronzing convex concave pressure and so on, the FSC hot black paper designed Jin Yue small open mold the more precise. Black cardboard used to make printed label chopsticks sets, printed label tote bags or other packaging products, the main thing is that he and his white paper difference is very big, in the above hot designed gold is only gold color different spacing is small, they need to operate on the second version, paper workshop practice shows that only to walk this way according to the process to design the perfect present. Don't think that is short a set of mould save money, make a geek. Only the printed label, chopsticks sets, handbags these live perfectly. In addition if printing color will be red on black paper and ink absorption masks, not obvious. In the same way other color. Can only be printed gold or silver ( Specially designed silver gold ink) 。 Technological applications, a colorless UV is a choice, can also be hot stamping series of gold foil. Bronzing, hot silver, kaleidoscope series, iron bead light series can be, and colorless bump is also OK, die cutting knife version composite also is not a problem for framed or something.
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