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FSC Manila board measurement standard

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-03
FSC Manila board thickness and gram weight calculation, because the FSC whiteboard paper is higher than the density of FSC grey board, so the general calculation method and the calculation of the FSC grey board is not the same. FSC thick main general grey board 100 grams / 0. 11mm。 So 250 grams of grey board thickness is 2. 5 times 0. 11 0. 275mm。 300 grams of grey board thickness is 3. 0 times 0. 11 0. 33 mm, 350 grams of FSC grey board thickness is 3. 5 times 0. 11 0. 385毫米。 Other thickness are in the way and so on, this calculation is provided by paper, because of the different manufacturers and paper, the calculation for thickness and gram weight will differ slightly.
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