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FSC is environmentally black cardboard?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-25
FSC black paper is divided into four kinds, all black cardboard, wood pulp black paperboard, single environmental protection environmental protection black cardboard, grey black paperboard 1, FSC all-wood black cardboard, its characteristic is: the PH value is neutral, dyes, environmental protection, 100% can be recycled, no pollution, two color smooth and no color difference, intermediate sandwich part color distinguish core is a deep and shallow core, produced by the original wood pulp, high stiffness, perfect smoothness and flatness, strong tension, can produce 80 g - g 400 grams, Gao Kechong composite processing. 2, FSC can double through carter: environmental regeneration of waste paper and dye, can be recycled, no pollution, no off color, two colors intermediate sandwich parts with gray and black, color, high stiffness, strong tension, it can produce molding g to 80 g - at a time More than 500 g, 550 g composite processing. 3, the FSC can single through card ( Can smooth through) Features: there are differences between the two sides color, positive color darker, opposite color slants shallow, intermediate sandwich part can relatively double-sided through card to some, it can produce g to 170 g - 650 grams, more Gao Kechong can composite processing. FSC is the for the environmental protection paper, black paper order can be at ease use, can provide certificate of environmental protection.
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