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FSC is a what kind of certification system?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-12-09
FSC is recognized certification institutions of international organizations, to ensure the authenticity of the certification body certification. In Toronto, Canada in 1993 to create a nonprofit organization. In establishing a conference, 130 delegates from 25 countries and other broadly representative of the organization ( Such as forest worker organizations, social, and local organizations, wood industry and international environmental groups) Attended the meeting. FSC is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization. Whoever interested in forest and forest products, and recognize the goal of FSC, namely can become members of the organization. Members include a variety of commercial organizations, environmental protection and social and cultural organizations. FSC original headquarters in Mexico City on April, it has been moved to BONN, Germany, its highest decision-making body, The general assembly) Divided into three equally important commission. FSC task to promote environmentally responsible, beneficial to the society and economically feasible forest management activities, in order to achieve these goals, it advocates the voluntary, independent, third-party certification as the main means of method. The certification of each country are based on article 10 common criteria evaluation standard and forest, mainly includes the social, environmental and economic factors. The forestry managers on the basis of these factors and evaluation personnel certification. FSC forest certification process requires 10 criteria and standards suitable for application in the standard of each country. In order to ensure the norms and standards for reflecting regions, industries should be determined by the one who has a broad representative to discuss the adaptability of norms and standards. FSC as a large organization, itself is not for certification. It is the main task of the evaluation, authorization, and monitor the certification body. Certification is a special commitment to accept the FSC certification and the goals and principles as well as in their to reflect the goals and principles. World there are a total of 19 institutions authorized to implement the FSC certification, 7 of which are doing business in China. According to FSC principles and certification issued by the independent auditing standards for forestry unit, and within at least every 12 months thereafter for an inspection, such as mismanagement found during the main forestry and forestry unit, or in violation of relevant regulations on the certification of forest units make inappropriate action, can recover the certification immediately. Buy with FSC certification logo wooden products, can avoid buying coming from endangered species or illegal logging products, to consumers can ensure the product comes from meet the demand of the contemporary and future generations of social, economic, ecological forest, is also support for green peace. Some 79 countries worldwide more than one hundred million hectares of forest are the FSC certification. In any case, the certification process is initiated by the owners and operators voluntarily Lin, they only ask certification institution to provide related services. FSC goal is to make the world scope widely accepted standards and relevant principles of forest management, in order to promote environmentally responsible, beneficial to the society and economically viable global forest management activities. FSC principles and standards are applicable to all the tropical, temperate and boreal forests. Many of the principles and standards can also be applied to forest plantation and part of artificial replanting, can be in the national and regional level to draft a more detailed, suitable for all kinds of forest vegetation type of the standard. FSC principles and standards should be incorporated into seeking all approved by the FSC certification bodies audit system and standard. Although the FSC principles and standards is mainly for the production of wood products of forest management, but in the very great degree can also be applied to production of non-wood forest products and forest management provide other services. Principles and standards as a whole, there is no primary and secondary. FSC and approved certification body must not importune fully comply with its principles and standards, but as in any one there is a big gap in principle, is generally considered unqualified, or cause the certificate shall be revoked. This requires independent certification bodies according to each standard to meet the degree and the gap of important degree and its consequences to make judgement, allows flexible processing according to local conditions to make certain. 1. For the mixed use of FSC mixed products certification materials with FSC certification materials manufacturers; 2. For the mixed use of FSC mixed products certification materials and FSC certification materials traders; 3. Or to the FSC chain of custody certification enterprises sales FSC controlled wood traders.
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