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FSC grey board what are the characteristics of high performance?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-03
FSC grey board what are the characteristics of high performance? FSC industrial grey board main use is very broad, in the packaging industry market occupies in the part, there are many limed small and medium-sized plate mill home so rise, FSC grey board of good quality, also have to meet the production of qualified products can play its proper advantage. FSC industrial grey board yes specification is set requirements, at the time of production to consider its purpose, to cast one aspect of the performance, it should possess the following requirements on the use of performance: one, the FSC grey board need to paper height loose and good plasticity, therefore guarantee for book binding pressure, hot stamping characteristics; Two, needs to have the performance of the cardboard thickness uniformity and not easy to distort, can guarantee the standardization of the production of large gift box and cover design; Three, need good smooth surface and good mechanical strength and stiffness of the, in order to keep the practicability of binding books, picture albums and durability; Four, a strong need to have certain stratification, held, to meet the needs of the production process of binding; Five, grey board a suit is not allowed to use the plant starch adhesive glue, in case of starch mold growth; Above is the main performance requirements, FSC grey board in all kinds of production process, must ensure that its use performance, to make it popular.
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