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FSC grey board to preserve in wet weather

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-02
Production out of the market at present the FSC grey board are flatten after coating, the use of appropriate preservation methods can effectively ensure the board performance, temperature and humidity imbalance will important influence on board when using, the normal production of FSC grey board out of the water in 8% About 10%, how to preserve the FSC cardboard? Printing and packaging factory class has the following several kinds of packing: board is also one of the important material of printing and packaging plant, the use of appropriate preservation methods can effectively ensure the cardboard 1 performance. Paper don't erect storage, packing flat as much as possible. Roll paper pile should not be too high, so as not to crush paper or paper core; Piled up too high also personal accident will happen. It is prohibited to use in the hook. Paper rolls should press the arrow pointing in the direction of rolling push. Outdoor storage time not too long, and with compound membrane wrapping, a molding board with a compound membrane winding, and composite board with cross membrane around. 2. Moistureproof: paper moisture absorption is strong, is very sensitive to air humidity, moisture content of the paper is changes with the humidity of the air, so storage paper to select clean and dry place. Paper into the warehouse piled up, want to avoid the pile wall. Storage of paper better keep in warehouse and workshop of relative humidity of 60% ~ 70%. 3. Prevent bask in: paper containing lignin, avoid sun exposure. Paper after exposure to evaporate the moisture from the paper, paper easy to deformation, serious when to do box, become a model. 4. Heat: paper deposit when temperature is too high. More than 39 ℃, the strength of the paper dropped significantly, the storage of paper warehouse and workshop temperature in 17 ~ 21 ℃ as appropriate. 5. Anti-creasing: paper folding bags stacked, should absolutely avoid a fold the Triassic to pile up. Stacked cardboard edges cannot be staggered protruding, otherwise it will break the protruding part, crepe, discoloration, etc. , so the paper should be packed neatly.
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