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FSC grey board thickness and gram weight of commonly used testing standards

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-02
Generally for FSC double grey paper quality, there is a universal testing standard, the standard is mainly based on the characteristics of gray paper, such as brand, brand use requirement and cardboard commonly used physical indicators make strict examination and so on. Grey board quality standard of the first measure is the size, conventional paper machine of paper is according to the grain, grain direction is parallel with the length of the size, for example: 889 * 1194 mm the grain direction is parallel with 1194, 787 * 900 mm, the grain direction is parallel to 900. Another pair of gray paper quantitative deviation of plus or minus 5% percentage points from top to bottom, such as 600 grams of gray paper and its quantitative standards should be between 570 g ~ 630 g, and more than this range can be listed as unqualified, the skewness of grey board and named founder degrees, refers to the maximum flat paper diagonal deviation, generally expressed in MM units, skewness cannot be more than 3 MM.
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