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FSC grey board, small cardboard big use

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-11
FSC drum grey board factory outlet - 250 g 6500 grams of drum grey board, grey board is a kind of smoothness good paper material, but also different from general paper, because it is made from recycled paper, surface present a light gray; Grey board surface smooth, has high strength, not easy to tear easily, is a kind of durable good material, widely used in packaging. FSC grey board is also a kind of development prospect of the raw materials, because it is the role of energy conservation and environmental protection, and has been widely attention. Tight supply now wood, and a large number of products, and you need more packaging materials, although many modern packaging material, but should consider the need of environmental protection, paper material is the best choice, grey board is able to meet the needs of the two aspects of resource conservation and environmental protection; On the one hand, the grey board was produced using waste paper, recycle, save resources, on the other hand, the paper material is produced by use of plant fiber, natural pollution-free, and, after recycling, would not pose a threat to the environment. The company mainly produces supply grey board, it is to see the grey board the effect of energy conservation and environmental protection, and hope that through FSC grey board production, supply, to make a contribution to society. FSC drum grey board can be secondary processing rewinding cutting into small volume and can be done in minimum 2. 5 cm, for machine interlining, commissioning, as the only low cost of environmental protection board, use the cardboard.
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