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FSC grey board produced by how

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-01
How the FSC grey board produced by the FSC grey cardboard paper generally need to store enough with 4 ~ 6 months of raw material, through natural fermentation in the raw material in storage, for pulping, at the same time ensure continuous production of paper factory. The preparation section of the reed, wheat straw and wood raw materials such as cutting ChengLiao ( For the production of chemical pulp) Or cut wood For production of groundwood) And then add in the small piece of material into the digester chemical liquid, steam cooking, cook the raw materials into pulp, or to terminate the wood to grind wood on the ground to a pulp, can be via a certain degree of cooking and then ground to a pulp. And with plenty of water for pulp washing, and through the screening and purification of the pulp thick slices, she, stones and sand to remove. Again according to the requirement of the paper kind, the required the whiteness of pulp floated with bleach, then use the beating beating equipment. And then add to improve the performance of paper pulp packing, plastic materials, sizing agent and other supplementary materials, purification and selection and once again, the last on paper machine through a network filter water, squeeze dryer dehydration, drying, pressure light winding, and the cutting and rewinding of or cutting to produce web and tablet of paper. If the production to produce coated printing paper, you may need to dry or after production of paper rolls in central implementation by coating processing
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