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FSC grey board paper factory briefly describes its folding degrees

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-03
FSC grey board is a kind of and regeneration of waste paper production, mainly divided into the single grey, double ash, total ash, all belong to environmentally friendly packaging board, main is widely used in high-grade boxes, folders, bags, boxes, plate partition, etc. Grey board of folding degree is mainly reflected in which aspects? Usually FSC folding degree of the grey board is one of the most basic features of cardboard, in order to show the paper folding ability. Cardboard folding degree by measuring the paper after stretching the in repeated folding the fracture by the degree of fiber surface through the bottom paper, usually, vertical folding than horizontal folding degrees higher, this is because the fiber longitudinal bonding force greater cause. The FSC folding degree of the grey board also depends on the fiber length, strength and flexibility and bonding force between fibers. If the same a piece of paper, add mineral filler in fiber can improve its progress, but the folding of paper will be greatly reduced, the moisture content of paper, the strength to strengthen its folding degree will increase, also, intensity is small, folding degrees will decline.
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