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FSC grey board moistureproof do, grey board paper factory house to teach you to do so

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-28
FSC paper board for fire or water, is relatively weak, especially in rain season of dove, so for cardboard moisture is very important, so far we paper FSC method to teach you about the ability of moisture-proof board manufacturer. Actual on board has the characteristic of moisture proof is the most main is divided into two aspects, one is in the production of the appropriate to add some moistureproof agent, can also play a role moistureproof, prevent paper peeling off after absorbing moisture hair this kind of situation, on the other hand is the need to use, to remember to do some protection protection during transit, the four corners with corner protector, using compound film wrapped up outside, or moisture after inhalation of cardboard will cause warpage deformation, the other when stored under the E-mail with card board mat, also called stored off the ground, can effectively prevent the erosion of moisture on the ground.
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