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FSC grey board a high-volume, low-margin business

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-31
FSC grey board price, like a tottering old ship, the opportunities and challenges of the wave front, although prices have been the wobbly, but still to be braving the flagship and make unremitting efforts. Innovation, transformation and upgrading + Internet - - - - - - The individual heat search words, notting have is not in the abnormal condition of FSC grey board industry. Price volatility means that the FSC grey board industry is facing great pressure, well-grounded, cross the rubicon, decision or insight into the situation of the industry market, to see their position. FSC grey board paper industry ushered in the opportunity of development, the huge market demand for the gray paper industry provides the survival and growth of a piece of green grass, the FSC grey board development in the New Year began to accelerate the national average, has formed a stable state of the industry, as a result, our company with low price, quantity, quality of service and to one of the main products, made the grey board for each one of the raw materials of packaging industry customers preferred.
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