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FSC gray paper why is a single light instead of two sides is smooth?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-11
FSC gray paper why is a single light instead of two sides is smooth? FSC grey board is a kind of high intensity of double gray cardboard, the FSC gray paper fiber's quality is better, not only long and very delicate. Belongs to a kind of folding resistance, high hardness and strength of industrial cardboard. FSC paper board is a kind of regeneration of waste paper, is a kind of environmentally friendly packaging cardboard material. For the double grey paper, people who may have this question, why can't a single 'gray paper is smooth and double-sided is smooth, paper to tell you, for the manufacturer, this question is very simple, in fact, the reason is very simple, is a layer of paper pulp on grey board just no pressure light processing. The reason for this is that the FSC gray paper not strict on this point, only requires a inferior smooth processing can, as a result, grey board the price is cheaper, also won't affect the quality problems, can be said to be the grey board is a kind of economical and affordable, industrial cardboard surface will not be dropping, the quality is good also, to a certain extent, also save on costs.
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