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FSC gray paper manufacturer to tell you the paper up the reason of shrinkage

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-10
FSC gray paper manufacturer to tell you the paper up the reason of shrinkage, FSC gray paper factory is different, because the country of origin of the paper and the use of different process products, it will exist a certain temperature difference, if, arts and crafts, printing doesn't adjust to this, will cause a higher shrinkage phenomenon of the FSC cardboard, thus influence the quality of printing products. If the paper is in the warehouse storage time is too long, plus didn't look at the warehouse picking, remove directly after use, and use of material is different from the next batch mixing, this can lead to discomfort should try to brush the temperature and humidity of the workshop and the phenomenon of a higher shrinkage FSC gray paper manufacturer to tell you, at the same time as a result of the two batches of paper increases and inconsistent, are prone to quality problems. Generally in the use of FSC gray paper printing process, the temperature will be higher, paper making paper in the paper part of the heat loss can't completely consistent, pile of paper on the lower and contact more around the world and the heat dissipation is faster in the middle will be slow, such not only increases and leads to paper, but will also cause problems such as paper deformation. Paper friendship remind, FSC grey board if different production batch of paper up drop-off also exist differences, so the production is the same batch of material production priority, to avoid the occurrence of some common problems.
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