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FSC flame retardant tissue paper to add the classification of the flame retardants and flame retardant principle

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-23
FSC flame retardant tissue paper to add the classification of the flame retardants and flame retardant principle key word: flame retardant tissue paper, copy paper principle of flame retardant, flame retardant paper production craft methods performance paper production of flame retardant, flame retardant paper tissue paper by adding flame retardants for reactive, it can achieve environmental protection, high efficiency, economy, common market the flame retardants used for adding type, such as inorganic salts, flame retardant treatment, the physical properties of the tissue paper usually influenced by different degree, thus we used flame retardant flame retardants for reactive tissue paper, add tissue paper of reactive flame retardant agent insoluble or poorly soluble in water, good thermal stability, not in a thin sheet of paper, flame retardant copy paper production and processing of equipment and paper machinery in the process of corrosion, the combustion process of the flame retardant performance will not drop too much, most concentrated in the surface layer of tissue paper, it can make the flame retardant effect of tissue paper, copy paper to achieve long-term stability, and after adding flame retardant tissue paper physical properties changed little. And under the protection of the binder package, moisture absorption performance is also relatively small. Color flame retardant tissue paper main use: kongmin light wall paper, flame retardant, flame retardant, paper packing products, paper colorful lanterns, Mr Penn color paper, flame retardant honeycomb paper, paper or ribbon, Christmas lights and electronic product packaging, etc
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