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FSC double-sided light grey board and the difference between ordinary grey board

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-04
FSC double-sided light grey board is a kind of high intensity, and the surface smooth as a mirror of the cardboard. Its operation principle is mainly by mechanical ultra-high pressure, increase the cardboard bonding and tightness ( Density increases, the hardness also random amplification) , and then heated high polishing processing, to extract the unnecessary moisture, increase the ability of ultra high strength. FSC double-sided light grey board its characteristics: super, stiffness of the paper is smooth and exquisite, warping deformation. Due to the cardboard with ultra-high pressure, its raw material and production cost will increase accordingly, will produce certain quantitative and thickness changes. Products applicable to high-grade packaging, painting materials, such as puzzles, samples, hardcover cover FSC ordinary double grey paper also is a kind of high middle-grade product of the same type, raw material adopted by more than 90% of the waste and waste, made from a long net paper machine manufacture paper with pulp. Gray and gray plate the surface of the difference is not big, mainly lies in the inner core. Differ by cutting edge: the FSC double grey board section of the middle part is yellow, have off color. And the cut surface of the FSC all gray board color is consistent inside and outside. Due to using the raw materials are all imported waste paper, paper fiber is longer, after manufacture paper with pulp, its tensile strength and tear strength enhanced obviously, the product is both toughness and has very good hardness. Product is suitable for high-grade boxes, hardcover cover, tag, puzzles and cutting small pieces of products. For the FSC materials, purchasing by the FSC supply the questionnaires of the supplier to investigate. And ask supplier to provide the FSC certification copy, and then according to the FSC certification certificate number, to the FSC website check the certificate of authenticity and in conformity with the certification materials whether conform to the requirements of the material needed to purchase the FSC, and print the results of the query to the archive, is not in conformity with the requirements, not included in the 'FSC qualified suppliers list'. Customers when purchase the FSC material, need to indicate the order of FSC material corresponding FSC's statement, 'purchase order' to indicate the FSC certificate number of the supplier; The statement of material procurement FSC and corresponding FSC material weight and quantity. FSC materials before each batch purchasing, need to go to http://info. fsc。 Org/confirm the FSC FSC certification scope and effectiveness of the supplier, and will ask the print file.
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