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FSC double grey paper recycling use

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-05
Generally speaking, after the use of packaging and printing waste cardboard, mostly for recycling scrap directly, again after a collection processing, sold directly to board factory, and through a series of processing, will board in processing production, producing gray paper meet the need. In addition to this method, and is worn by the board after the processing of renovation, in reprocessed into can use gray paper, in the past, are generally USES the suture cardboard, whole process, and then in the pattern of the printing house need again. Moreover is the small cardboard, plastic processing. The two methods can be modified gray paper roughness can not meet the requirements, procedure, the waste big shortcoming. As far as possible in order to save time, give full play to its advantages, the old gray paper has carried on the technological improvement, shabby gray paper first carries on the simple processing, remove old cardboard needle nails clean, put the sheet into a single, put the same cardboard paper paste into layers or single layer, finally press will separate after tissue paper is guarantee the bonding roughness, finally make it useful gray paper can.
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