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FSC copy paper in the role in the development of green packaging

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-12-06
FSC copy paper in the role of environmental protection green environmental protection packing development FSC copy paper to humanity is to protect the earth, one of the important guarantee of a happy life. In the human production activities in the field of packaging, paper, they play a very important role. What about green copy paper how to develop, what role in the development of green copy paper, where the FSC paper copies of the original village is the main source of natural plant fiber, will not cause environmental pollution, recyclable, easily degraded and a light for the sustainable development of environmental protection paper copy paper, another the molded pulp products besides has the advantages such as qualitative light, cheap and shock it also has good permeability, high toughness, used in high-grade gift packaging, glass dust paper, shoe bag bag paper, used for all kinds of color printing and copy paper, etc. Packaging products from raw materials selection, product manufacturing to use and abandoned the whole life cycle, all should accord with the requirement of environment protection, green packaging materials, packaging design should copy paper copy paper and full development of green packaging industry three aspects to realize green packaging. 。 。
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