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FSC copy paper and waterproof paper, what is the difference? ​

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-12-06
FSC copy paper and waterproof paper, what is the difference? FSC copy paper is a high requirement of strength and whiteness of the paper. Our country most import wood pulp paper mill is chosen to manufacture paper with pulp copy paper, used for wood pulp bleached sulfate coniferous wood pulp as the best. In addition to use imported wood pulp, bamboo pulp, optional mans stalk pulp, wheat straw. A copy of the paper strength of bamboo pulp production, but the paper whiteness is low; If choose mans stalk pulp, wheat straw, the production of copy paper whiteness is good, but the intensity is low. Moistureproof paper is in the middle of the two layers of base paper made of paper coated with tar. Mainly for cigarette packaging moistureproof, gift wrapping paper, electronic insulation paper, tracing paper, etc. , also can be used as a fruit packing. FSC is moistureproof paper has certain moisture ability of the paper, its minimum moisture rate above 20% and uniform good moistureproof paper coating, adhesive and firm, not to take off the paper layer crack and asphalt penetration phenomenon, heat is not lower than 90 degrees, should not have bad smell, so as not to affect the quality of cigarette, but has not used the paper cigarette use.
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