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FSC color tissue paper, what are the characteristics of quality:

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-28
FSC color tissue paper as a gift packing paper, general some customer requirements also need printing processing, the main spot gram for ( 14 g ~ 17 g/square) Mainly has high strength, for the characteristics of color, we execute the enterprise produce physical indicators pay more attention to the FSC colored tissue paper is important to use performance, but the hue and color difference degree is the first appearance of FSC thin color pages about impression, because the FSC color tissue paper has low gram weight, high strength, for the characteristics of color, so the raw material is given priority to with wood pulp, even demanding all must use wood pulp production, considering the stability of the FSC tissue paper, so the import bleached sulfate coniferous wood pulp as the preferred material, it can not only guarantee the FSC color tissue paper high strength requirement, and can reduce the color paper as a result of the blade material quality fluctuation caused by the color difference. Production this kind of paper color dyeing color is the key, paper supplied the FSC color tissue paper inside the machine for dyeing, dyeing or surface sizing machine, is to join in the dye liquid modified starch, pva and so on surface sizing liquid, at the time of writing endows paper color by surface sizing.
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