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FSC color copy paper can do DIY craft have?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-29
FSC color copy paper called tissue paper is also known as FSC colored tissue paper, paper thin pp soft, good quality and uniform pulp, and the surface has good air permeability, smooth, no sand. Our FSC color tissue paper color is complete, long-term supply and stable quality. Mainly used for gift packaging, all kinds of paper crafts ( Such as paper, cut the ribbon paper, cosmetics boxes, packaging, paper packaging, all kinds of paper DIY crafts, etc. ) 17 - regular g order 30 g can be customized, size can be in order as required. FSC color copy paper, can distinguish color tissue paper categories: FSC ordinary color copy paper, FSC flame retardant color copy paper, FSC solid color color copy paper, FSC gold silver, FSC fluorescent color copy paper, copy paper FSC printing color copy paper, etc.
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