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FSC 'coated white board paper printing' the Angle of the sticky problem analysis method

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-06
In normal conditions, the FSC field product comparison I coated white board paper printing, relatively speaking, large amount of printing ink, in order to reduce the galling problem, when printing need to strictly control the viscosity of the ink and ink layer thickness, in case the dirty on the back. Usually jump in background, the background color available original ink diluent, can also be consistent with the original black ink, and rich lather again the original ink, such not only reduced the roughcast phenomenon, but also solved a printing ink sticky dirty foot problems, after two times of printing overprint, also at the same time increase the print gloss. FSC whiteboard paper surface is smooth, soft, absorbency, flatness is poor, so when printing full version should first impression, after dark, ink color shoulds not be too big. Although printing anti-sticking dirty powder contains pure plant material, dispersion and liquidity is pretty good, but, to use spray powder directly affect the surface gloss of printing products, make the ink imprinting is not bright, polluting the environment affect the precision of printing machines.
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